Edible Plants

I had a little crisis of conscience when I came to create this page. Just like fungi there are lots of good nutritious plants in the wood. I supplement my diet with a bit of wild food and in fact I really look forward to the seasons when I can expect to find something but…

If you go on any web site about fungi you will be told not to use that site to identify edible mushrooms, there will be some kind of disclaimer because it is well known that some fungi are deadly poisonous. Plants should carry the same warning We have many deadly poisonous plants in the wood and they are much, much more abundant than any dodgy fungi. The are also often very attractive.

Ok the lovely sticky lollipop is obviously poisonous (Deadly) but what about the innocuous Dogs Mercury?

(Deadly) or the beautiful Digitalis (Deadly)

And it is not just the deadly ones, we have an abundance of plants here that can make you ill in all sorts of ways.

Once upon a time I was changing one of my children’s nappies, I ain’t gonna say which one because that would just embarrass her but I had left the soiled nappy a little too close and she reached out and put something, that you or I would consider absolutely disgusting, in her mouth. Children will put anything in their mouths. Take great care.

Sorry it’s preachy but things like this frighten me. Don’t worry about the odd Destroying Angel that might be lurking in the undergrowth. Worry about the Triffids.

Disclaimer: Please do not use this web site to identify edible plants or berries or other fruits and please keep an eye on your children when you are in the jungle. Plants can kill!

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