This blog is obviously work in progress. New to WordPress, I am still trying to figure out just what I can do with it. There are at least (always) 200 posts that I need to add before this site can begin to fulfill its potential.

The blog is going to be a species guide to the animals, plants and fungi that exist in a small (6.5 acre) amenity woodland in East Sussex.

Being entirely site specific it may well be completely irrelevant to the rest of the world and this blog is really intended as my own reference tool as I learn about this little wood.

I haven’t figured out how best to categorise things yet. I am working on it. I need to do some more posts first. I am probably going to avoid taxonomy and getting too technical, who would know to look for a thistle under “Cirsium” for instance? I am thinking “Purple flower” would be more user-friendly.

I am Colin by the way.

Thanks for looking.

PS I am working as fast as I can.

Explaining the pages:

Carpe diem; Carpe means literally to pluck, as in to pluck the fruit. Pluck the fruit of the day. This is a slightly unconventional blog and the page Carpe diem holds true to that lack of convention. It is like a little blog of it’s own and this is where I post trip reports and things that are not species related. Each report overwrites the last there is no record of events, just like real life. It is there and then it is gone. That is the way that I want it to be because this isn’t a blog about me or what I did last year, It is a blog about diversity.

Creative Commons; This page attempts to set out my view on copyright and to be a clear statement that my pictures are free. This is very important to me and I don’t know why. I feel it in my bones.

Index; I have changed the way that we navigate the blog. The page “Index” replaces the categories list that used to run on the side bar. It is basically the same categories list but now you can see a picture of each of the subjects (which  might be very useful if you were trying to identify a butterfly or a white flower for instance) and you also get the name. The previous “categories” only told you how many posts were in that category and displayed them all. Click on any picture within the index and you will be taken to that post. I am including posts on the new “kentwasteland” blog in the index. Many of the species that I find in the wood are also found here on a chalky hillside and so it must be possible that things I find here will later turn up in the wood and that this will help to identify them.

Introduction; C’mon that’s obvious.

Recent Activity; Because each post relates to a single species (and they only get one post) I will be returning to posts that I wrote a year ago to add better pictures or video or just because I understand something better. This Blog doesn’t run on a conventional timeline and so I thought that it might be useful in the future to know what changes were being made.

A new blog: “kentwasteland”

OK. It’s “The Stony Field”. It is the place where I walk my dogs every day. I can’t bear to walk among nature and not understand it and not recognise it or know anything about it. I had to start finding out and publishing stuff is a very good way of making some of it stick in my mind. Don’t worry, I am not falling out of love with my ancient woodland, I just can’t be there today. Kentwasteland is a bit of an experiment too. I want to see how species diversity compares with the wood but to be fair you have to give both blogs a couple of years to develop. I am not expecting anything like the diversity that we find in the wood and perhaps this will help us to understand how important and irreplaceable our ancient woodland is.

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